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программы и игры с выводом денег

Программы и игры с выводом денег

This book has no value for people looking to become rich. And Nothing about real Money. Its tips with references about how to park money with mediocre returns. I feel a usual banks FD will be much safer and hassle free than all the программы и игры с выводом денег low return investment tools shown in this book in the Indian context.

I am a solid Tony Robbins fan and have all of his books from Unlimited Power, Unleash.

This one was really disappointing, I must say Tony should not do программы и игры с выводом денег related to Money Making. Tony is good with motivation, inspiration and positive psychology but not with money related topic.

Audience 39 people found this helpful5. Verified Purchase I love how this book is written. If you have бесконечные деньги для игры seen Tony Robbins on YouTube you know it is in his own words and entertaining as well as informative.

This book has игра зарабатывать деньги на киви me want to save in way of investing. This book shows you that investing is the the smarter way to программы и игры с выводом денег rich even if the interest rates go up. I am not very good at maths and technical finance stuff and saving.

This book is presented in a way in which everyone can understand and Tony Robbins really goes out of his way to make sure the average Joe can understand. So I understand the maths plus the financial stuff. In fact, there программы и игры с выводом денег an app which is free to use and referenced in the book that does all the maths for you when it comes to compound interest.

Furthermore, now I understand how compound interest works and using the app to find out what my predicted results will be I am saving my money by investing it.

The app even encouraged me to save more than I would have typically. This is because of the results it shows you which are possible and that you can do the process of this on the app over and over again to see the difference in how much it will be worth.

Additionally, the app and the book makes you look at ways you программы и игры с выводом денег tweak your current finances to save more for your future.

This book is highly motivating and useful to программы и игры с выводом денег who already save regularly or people like как в игре скайрим заработать деньги who were not saving anything.

An added bonus is that buying the book you are feeding people as Tony Robbins is not making money on this book.]



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